A new Netflix series follows the lives of three NFL quarterbacks, including the 2022 MVP, Patrick Mahomes

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A new Netflix series follows the lives of three NFL quarterbacks, including the 2022 MVP, Patrick Mahomes. But in its first episode, it seems his wife, Brittany Matthews Mahomes, gets almost as much screen time as her husband.




Patrick Mahomes



Quarterback follows the Kansas City Chiefs’ Mahomes, the Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins and the Atlanta Falcons’ Marcus Mariota through the 2022 season, experiencing the highs and lows as they look to navigate a path to the Super Bowl. Mariota has since joined the Philadelphia Eagles.



Mahomes has often been hailed as being the best player in the NFL and has won a number of MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards to back up that claim, as well as a couple of Super Bowl trophies.While he is lauded by Chiefs fans and football fans in general, his wife, Brittany Matthews Mahomes, has proved somewhat divisive, coming in for a fair amount of flak online. Nevertheless, she also has many fans that are quick to defend her.Matthews Mahomes has been hit by trolls for a number of years and as the popularity of her husband grows, so, it seems, does the abuse aimed at her on social media.

Her unwavering support for the Chiefs’ star has split opinion, with some saying it is sweet while others hammer her for being over the top.


One of the biggest talking points from the first episode of Quarterback, titled “The Quest,” was the involvement of Matthews Mahomes, who met her future husband when he was in 7th Grade.

She features prominently in the episode, speaking about how she met Mahomes—who she has two children with—and cheering him on from the sidelines.

In episode one, Matthews Mahomes can be seen running over to the sidelines before a game where she tells her husband: “Kick some a**! Love you!”

There follows a quick clip of Mahomes holding their daughter, Sterling, to which Matthews Mahomes commented: “You’re daddy’s girl today”

The Chiefs star agrees, replying: “Always.”


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