A love bite on Travis Kelce’s neck sparks a war between “Swifties” and haters


It is not uncommon for social media to become a battlefield. From political rivals discussing their projects to science fiction saga fandoms arguing which story is better. This time, the war was between “Swifties” and haters over a mysterious mark on Travis Kelce’s neck.


Taylor Swift’s hardcore fans are attentive to even the smallest detail of the singer’s life, and since she began her romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, he has also been the object of constant scrutiny from the media and fans.

As usually happens with massive idols, there was no shortage of criticism, such as “Somebody marked their territory. Can we say trashy?” or the one who commented “gross. she is like 35 & acting like some giddy teenage cheerleader. It’s like her 76th relationship, not first love.”

“The 25 ex-boyfriends of Taylor’s should send giant red flags. And let’s be honest, her *ss is kind of flat,” someone else noted, while another said, “She actually sucked the life out of his game Nice.”

Amid the storm, there was no shortage of those who tried to find a more logical explanation for the mark: “It wasn’t there during warm-up. It’s a scrape from the game. C’mon guys, are we 12?”