$85,000,000 Pat McAfee Debunks Aaron Rodgers’ Distraction Theories After Patrick Mahomes’ Rival’s Success Venture Led Him to the Lombardi

Pat McAfee Debunks Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is a hard nut to crack. When questioned about the Jets being featured on the show ‘Hard Knocks’, superstar Aaron Rodgers couldn’t help but praise the show’s narrator, Liev Schreiber, yearning for a meeting with the voice of God. However, Rodgers understood why his team, the Jets, would be a tempting pick, to force upon them.





Jets cornerback Justin Hardee was quick to dismiss the idea, labeling ‘Hard Knocks’ a distraction from their primary goal- “winning”. But Pat McAfee, with an $85 million deal with ESPN, had a different perspective. He refuted the claims of distraction by pointing to the success of Patrick Mahomes‘ Quarterback series.


Green Gang fans very much remember, when the Jets’ head coach, Robert Saleh, admitted that while other teams may crave the spotlight of Hard Knocks, it wasn’t the right fit for them. “There are several teams that would love for ‘Hard Knocks’ to be in their building. We’re just not one of them,” Coach said.The debate continued as Pat McAfee discussed the rumors of a Netflix Quarterback season 2, “There’s been a lot of reports about quarterback season two.

But a lot of it has been that this person said no, this person said no, this person said no, this person…, no, is that what you’re thinking.” Rapoport said: “I don’t necessarily think it’s disruptive. I mean, how hard is it like a couple cameras follow you at home.”Pat McAfee also said later, “Hard knocks has been battling that, but like the pitch about it not being a distraction when a guy in the first season wins the Super Bowl and MVP, that’s easy to sell, easy sell.”Dismissing the noise surrounding potential players turning it down, McAfee highlighted the undeniable appeal of the show, especially when it culminated in a Super Bowl and MVP victory in its first season.


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