2 sons, 2 Super Bowl trips in 2 years for ‘proud’ Kelce parents

Super Bowl trips in 2 years for

MIAMI (NEXSTAR) — The term ‘football is family’ is certainly the case for Donna and Ed Kelce.

The pair have two sons playing in the NFL on two different teams. They’ve seen one son win the Super Bowl. On Sunday, they hope to see the other.




All About Travis and Jason Kelce's Parents, Ed and Donna Kelce



“I do feel privileged, I’m proud, I’m happy, this is a great experience,” said Ed KelceThe Kelce’s have been blessed to watch both their sons, Jason and Travis, enjoy life in different NFL cities. Reflecting on their journey, mother Donna Kelce said her sons were “typical brothers, they were constantly fighting with each other, the younger brother always trying to get the attention of the older brother.”

Jason Kelce, 32, plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and younger brother Travis, 30, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. On Sunday, Donna and Ed will attend their second Super Bowl – in a span of two years.

It’s a dream come true for the Kelce’s. Ed Kelce, however, can think of one more magical matchup.“I’ll tell you my secret dream in life, is a Kelce vs. Kelce Super Bowl, so I still hold that hope,” he said.

For now, the Kelce family and football fans can see brother versus brother as a dual bobblehead. It features both Jason and Travis slapping hands to commemorate the big event. As one can imagine, it’s a big hit with the family.“The bobblehead shows Jason a little taller but in real life, Travis is taller than Jason,” Donna Kelce said.

But Jason has the edge in Super Bowl rings, winning in 2018 with the Philadelphia Eagles. Come Sunday, brother Travis has a chance to even the score.


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