17 Years After Witnessing a Divorce as a 10YO Kid, Patrick Mahomes Turned Emotional After Dad’s Super Bowl Hug: “Love You to Death”

Every fan of Patrick Mahomes knows about the bond that his family shares with each other. Despite the 2X SB champion’s mother Randi and his father Pat Mahomes Sr divorcing when he was just ten, it has not stopped the 27-year-old from being grateful for everything that his parents do. Patrick Mahomes has had his family cheer for him since his debut in the NFL in 2017. His wife, Brittany, is his No.’





1 supporter and has always been there with the QB in every important step of his life.Apart from this, the Kansas City Chiefs QB also shares a special relationship with his father. Mahomes gets his athletic genes from his father, who was an MLB pitcher during his prime. And in the Netflix docuseries called ‘Quarterback’, Mahomes opens up about how he had an emotional affair with his dad after winning the Super Bowl last season.Randi Mahomes divorced Pat Mahomes Sr almost 17 years ago


. She opened up about how his fame during his MLB career was too much for her, and she thought it was best for both of them to go on their separate ways. But their divorce has not affected the relationship that Patrick Mahomes shares with both his parents. And even his dad was present as he watched his son go on to make an epic comeback victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LVII finals.In episode 8 of the docuseries called ‘Quarterback’, we see the 27-year-old share a few emotional moments with his family after winning the Super Bowl game. Mahomes talked about how he had two special moments during the celebrations. The first was spending time with his daughter Sterling, who was not born when the QB won his first Lombardi Trophy. And the second was meeting his dad. Patrick Mahomes talked about how he embraced his dad after winning both his Super Bowls. In a heartwarming moment, we see the 27-year-old hug his father affectionately, while saying “Love you”. Pat Mahomes Sr. embraced his son tightly, stating that he’s never seen anyone quite like Mahomes. “Love you to death”, is what the QB’s father told him, as it was definitely a proud moment for him.


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