11 of Queen Elizabeth’s best style moments from her 20s

queen 20.jpg


When Queen Elizabeth, then Princess Elizabeth, turned 21, she began engaging in more public solo and group appearances with her family.While attending an event at Chelsea’s Royal Hospital in 1947,



the young princess wore a light blue floral dress, a festive blue hat, white elbow-length gloves, and a matching handbag.The royal wore a nautical-inspired look and sailor hat on board the Royal Navy aircraft carrier in February 1947.



The look was noticeably more casual compared to what she would wear in future royal portraits.Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip met in 1934 when they were children, and were engaged 13 years later shortly following Elizabeth’s 21st birthday.


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The British government awarded Princess Elizabeth an extra 200 clothing coupons for her to purchase her wedding gown, as the country was still struggling with the financial aftermath of World War II.



Perhaps the most striking element of the royal’s ensemble was her train, which stretched 13 feet behind her as she walked into Westminster Abbey.



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