10 Times Brittany Mahomes Adorably Proved She’s Patrick Mahomes’…..

10 Times Brittany Mahomes Adorably Proved She’s Patrick Mahomes’.....


When Brittany Matthews met Patrick Mahomes, she didn’t know he was headed for greatness — it took her a bit of time to grasp that he had star potential. Their high school years were sweet, but it wasn’t until he started playing Division 1 NCAA football that she realized her boyfriend might have an NFL career ahead of him.


10 Times Brittany Mahomes Adorably Proved She’s Patrick Mahomes’.....

“He ended up going to Texas Tech, and that’s when it really hit me, ‘Oh s**t, he might go play professional football,” Brittany told the Today Show. “It was surreal to see him living his dream and seeing him grow as an athlete and as a man, in general, was just amazing.” After setting aside her professional soccer ambitions, she moved to Kansas City to make Patrick’s transition to the Chiefs as smooth as possible. That’s when she became the unofficial president of the Patrick Mahomes Fan Club.




On and off the field, Brittany, who is now Patrick’s wife, garners lots of attention for her support. It isn’t always positive — remember that champagne incident last year — but it’s always rooted in love for her man. The duo are inseparable, and they already have their post-football plans in place: a fitness empire that brings their love of athletics together. “When he’s done with football, I think definitely tapping into the fitness industry, him and I will be something very important that we do together just to stay active and healthy, she told Men’s Health. “Right now I’m obviously doing some of it on my own because his main focus is football. But we do have some ideas.”


10 Times Brittany Mahomes Adorably Proved She’s Patrick Mahomes’.....

Stay tuned because #TeamMahomes is only going to get stronger with Brittany leading the way — and don’t miss the adorable ways she supports Patrick on and off the football field.



The high school sweethearts and athletes have been by each other’s sides after their year-long friendship turned into a romance — their first date was at Olive Garden. He was the quarterback on the football team, and she was a star athlete on the soccer team — it was a match made in heaven from the get-go. (Seriously, see their adorable high school snapshot together.)



Not only did they make it through their teen years, but the adorable couple managed to make a long-distance relationship work while she was at the University of Texas Tyler, and he was at Texas Tech University. She even played a year of professional soccer in Iceland before moving to Kansas City to support her then-boyfriend in his first NFL season. Now that’s what we call dedication to your man!



Brittany expresses her love for Patrick through her fashion. You won’t ever see her at a game without some article of clothing celebrating her quarterback husband. It could be as simple as a No. 15 beanie, but she’s also known for getting totally decked out in red-and-gold gear. Now that Sterling can attend the games, we love to see the mother-daughter duo in matching outfits — go, Chiefs!

Social Media
Brittany has a love-hate relationship with social media (more on that in a moment), but her Instagram account is definitely a Patrick Mahomes fan page with carousels and videos dedicated to supporting her husband’s NFL career. On and off the football field, this mom of two bleeds red and gold during the football season — and now their little tykes join in on the fun, too.



However, with a husband riding high with a successful season, fans can sometimes be a toxic place for her. She has a very Zen approach to dealing with the haters, though. “I would never let people on the internet destroy my peace or effect [sic] my life,” she said in a November 2022 Instagram Q&A. “BUT. It’s been hard, it took time to learn this and still learning at times. It’s always gonna be there.” Brittany has found balance when it comes to posting — there’s time to celebrate Patrick, but now she knows when to step away from the negative noise.



As a former athlete, Brittany runs her own fitness business, but when the lockdown period of the pandemic began — she made sure Patrick stayed in tip-top shape. She didn’t want him to lose his elite form during an uncertain time. “She wrote the workouts for me, so I mean she continued to push me to be better,” he told Men’s Health. “It makes me feel like a lazy bum whenever I’m not working out and she’s working out. So she holds me accountable in that way.” His success on the field has led to so many wins for their family and Brittany is a big part of that behind the scenes (and she doesn’t really take credit for it).



Brittany is always standing with Patrick whenever they have a charitable event through their 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which “is dedicated to improving the lives of children” by focusing “on health, wellness, communities in need of resources and other charitable causes,” according to the charity’s website. It’s the couple’s way of giving back to Kansas City, which has embraced Patrick and in turn, Brittany — so she wants to help her husband support their city.

“I love that it’s not too much of a big city, and the people here are just the sweetest, and greatest, and most supportive to Patrick and I,” she told her Instagram followers in an Oct. 2020 Q&A about her love for the Kansas City community.



It’s True Love
The young teens who met at Whitehouse High School in Texas found their true love early on — and Brittany has made sure Patrick knows how much she loves him. On their engagement day, which just so happened to be the same day he received his Super Bowl ring (yep, they both got massive rings on the same day), she shouted her unending adoration for her fiancé from the rooftops.

“On a day that was meant to celebrate you, you turned it into celebrating us. It’s always us, it’s always you and me,” she wrote on Instagram. “The words you looked into my eyes and said to me at this moment, will NEVER leave my mind! You made this day perfect, you took my entire breath away and I could not have imagined anything better. I love you, forever and always! Cheers to spending our lifetime together and an inseparable bond.”

Don’t ever doubt their love because Brittany and Patrick are endgame material.



Defends Him at All Costs
If Brittany doesn’t like a referee’s call, she will be sure to talk about it on Twitter. During an Oct. 10, 2021, game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, she weighed in with her thoughts, writing, “Refs are never in our favor.” And then doubled down on her opinion in a second post, adding, “Ever.” It was a rough game, but she was defending her man — and she even got into a bit of a tiff with fans. She wrote, “I said what I said. Y’all so mad.”

Not every fan appreciates her competitive spirit, but Brittany is there 100% for Patrick and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs team. She’s an athlete herself, and she likes to win — just don’t spar with her on social media unless you are ready to go to battle.



Raising Baby Football Fans
Brittany is helping to raise the next generation of football fans with daughter Sterling, who will turn two years old on Feb. 20, and son Patrick III aka “Bronze,” two months. After the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship game on Jan. 29, Brittany made sure to have her children celebrate their dad’s team making it to the Super Bowl with an adorable Instagram Reel.

It showed Patrick running off the field to greet his wife and daughter, who was dressed in a cute ensemble with Patrick’s jersey number on her outfit. Bronze is a little too young to attend the games, but don’t worry, he watched his daddy on TV from the comfort of home with a babysitter.



Fur Babies
Just like Sterling and Bronze getting decked out in their Kansas City Chiefs gear, Brittany makes sure their two pups, Steel and Silver (yes, the family has very coordinated names), are supporting Patrick too. The Pit Bull and Cane Corso duo are often seen sporting bandanas with the team’s logo — and sometimes even a jersey. Since they have their own Instagram account, Steel and Silver often send their athletic father messages like “LETS GOOOOO DAD!” Even the dogs are Patrick’s No. 1 fans.



Planted Roots
Brittany left her professional soccer career to move to Kansas City and support her then-boyfriend. She made sure they were seen as long-term citizens in the area by becoming a co-founder and co-owner of the National Women’s Soccer League team, KC Current.

The cool thing about this venture is that she explored the opportunity first and then invited Patrick to join her partnership earlier this year. “I am thankful for the chance to join @brittanylynne as part of the @thekccurrent ownership team,” he tweeted in January. “She and the Longs have done an incredible job building a world-class organization and I am excited to join another championship-caliber club as it continues to make history.” Teamwork makes the dream work!


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