1 Unexpected Royal Is ‘Relieved’ That Meghan Markle Isn’t In the Family Anymore — and It’s Not Who You Think


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not been members of the royal family since 2020. Despite moving to California that year, the two were still always invited back for major events; they attended Trooping the Colour in 2022 and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral that same year. And Harry attended King Charles’ coronation ceremony in 2023, though Meghan did not.


Meghan Markle looking beautiful

But the two have not returned to the UK together in quite some time, and now, a royal friend is claiming that one unexpected duchess is “relieved” that she no longer has to curtsy to the Duchess of Sussex.

King Charles’ younger brother, Prince Edward, is married to Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh (in case you were wondering who she is). And the prince’s wife has a close friend who claims that Sophie is glad that Harry and Meghan are no longer in the royal family.

“Sophie is relieved,” an alleged friend of the duchess’ told Mail on Sunday. “She no longer has to curtsy to someone in the family who has not only left Royal duties but has spent the past three years criticizing the institution that Sophie works so hard to support.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean that Sophie doesn’t like Meghan; it could be more that she is glad she is slowly moving up in the royal world. Sophie is a working royal alongside her husband, but she doesn’t get quite as much attention as other royal family members because she is so far down the line for the throne.

It seems clear that Harry and Meghan are not on great terms with Charles and Prince William, but it’s harder to say where things stand with other members of the family. Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie, has always had a close relationship with Harry and Meghan, though with others, such as Princess Anne or Sophie, there isn’t such a clear understanding.